Alchemy is an online channel, with an aim to provide informative content in a variety of fields such as entertainment, social, sports..etc
Alchemy’s aim is to provide an online TV channel where viewers will have access to a variety of Middle East offerings.
Social Media
 Alchemy was too generic and highly used in the Egyptian Market. The name is used by an interior design company and a leading home automation service provider. Since the client, refused to change the name it was our role to make it DISTINCTIVE.
 Spoons research showed that the origin of the name comes from inner power and creativity. The creation of the symbol was derived from AIR, since it’s the main element for any reaction. Moreover AIR is related to “Airing” and “Going on Air”, so it fits the criteria of Alchemy’s work. We worked on combining the letter A with the Air symbol and replaced the MY in the end of the Alchemy word to be replaced by ME resembling Middle East and ME.