About spoon
Spoon, a digital branding agency based in Cairo, Egypt.

Despite the technical and online advances making leaps and bounds in Egypt, There is still a huge gap between the digital media world and the branding concept.

Spoon has come to fill that gap with our own unique concept “digital branding”.

This is where we focus on creating unique identities, taking it to the digital world and delivering inspiring
digital experiences. To Maintain client’s identity across different mediums we support our work with brand manuals and guidelines.

We transform ideas and concepts into visual and interactive mediums, creating cutting edge, beautifully designed digital experiences.
What we do
We provide various services
Visual identities
We create conceptual iconic visual identities, instantly recognizable to audiences
Web sites
We build and craft an experience that delivers the idea to audience effectively through a website.
Mobile apps
We create an experience that delivers the idea powerfully via mobile applications.
Social media campaigns
We create creative social media campaigns that will give your brand emotional impact and a loyal following.
Creative consultancy
We help our client to establish a recognizable direction that will result with a consistently top tier product.
Our main inspiration is the “spoon bending”
phenomenon - the limitless power of the mind
How we do it
Our process is highly collaborative - with us, you are a partner with a key seat at the table.

We aim to understand you and your audience so that what we craft together is perfectly customized for your unique goals.
Business Goals
Visual identity
Product Execution
Digital World
Our clients
El cinema